[July 12, 2007 @ 11:37 am] David Catron

Hundreds of reviewers, representing every political persuasion, agree that SiCKO presents a simplistic and distorted picture of American health care. Moreover, writers as diverse in their world views as Kurt Loder and Larry Elder  have decried its absurdly flattering depiction of the Cuban, Canadian, and British health care systems.

The only thing more execrable than the monumental dishonesty of SiCKO has been the behavior if its creator. Michael Moore’s recent antics on CNN, ably deconstructed in this piece by Peter Chowka, apparently added racism to his standard repertoire of dissembling and humbug.

Despite all of this, SiCKO’s basic premise—that our current health care system should be replaced with socialized medicine—has apparently not lost a single devotee. In fact, the advocates of government-run health care have increasingly exhibited a species of cognitive dissonance.

Emulating the members of that famous UFO cult described by Leon Festinger, the evangelists of socialized medicine have responded to the adipose auteur’s crumbling credibility by clinging ever more tightly to their preposterous beliefs.

One can see why these people describe themselves as “reality-based.”

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