[July 11, 2007 @ 3:19 pm] David Hogberg

Peter Chowka at the American Thinker wonders if Michael Moore didn’t purposely throw a temper tantrum on CNN yesterday to boost Sicko’s lagging box office receipts:

It does not seem unreasonable to think that Moore’s performance with Blitzer on CNN was, in large part, calculated to generate controversy about and rekindle interest in the lagging Sicko box office. Several times, Moore promoted his Web site where he said he would “correct” CNN: “I’m going to put the real facts up there on my Web site so people can see what he [Gupta] said was wrong.” In fact, before the night was over, almost the entire home page of michaelmoore.com was devoted to the CNN-Moore brouhaha, with video of Moore’s appearance and links to new content including screeds like “CNN vs. THE FACTS” and “Demand an apology from CNN.” At 1 pm EDT on July 10, Moore’s Web site was temporarily not available-possibly due to high demand whipped up by bloggers and media outlets inspired by Moore’s extreme and ultimately self-serving antics on CNN. Moore’s schtick was like throwing red meat to his large core fan base that already thinks that CNN is right of center, too soft on (if not in cahoots with) the Bush-Cheney administration, and complicit in the selling of the Iraq war to the American people.

Read it all.

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