[July 10, 2007 @ 6:54 pm] David Hogberg

Step 1: When Challenged, Throw A Tantrum.

Michael Moore demonstrates that tactic here. The idea here is that if you can generate enough righteous indignation, you’ll appeal to people’s emotions, and those same people will overlook the facts that are at issue and think that you must be morally superior to your opponents.

Step 2: Accuse Your Opponents Of Being Paid Off.

After CNN showed a report challenging Moore, Moore whined, “That report was so biased, I can’t imagine what pharmaceutical company’s ads are coming up right after our break here.”

This tactic suggests that your position is so eminently reasonable that the only person who would disagree is either nuts or a paid stooge. Another great way of not dealing with the facts at issue.

This is how the far left argues. Here are two other great examples of these tactics, the first an email from Rick Pullem sent to Stuart Browning:

How Capitalism can save American health care. Any idea when this dream might happen? Whose pockets are you in? Doctors in this country make how much compared to docs in other countries? You are just another corporate pundit. How about fixing the current crisis instead of bashing those that have legitimate ideas? Keep playing the ‘I gotta get mine’ game and screw the everyone else. Guess you don’t believe in a just GOD. Yep, Micheal Moore is a hobbible person not trying to help the common person like you. Keep up the great work, your family should be proud.

And here is one from the blog “Citizen Alert”:

Now, let’s look at their agenda. Go and Google Stuart Browning and you will find he is a film maker and an advocate of free market health care. His partner in promoting free market healthcare is physician David Gratzer. Then, Google David Gratzer, and you will find that one of his buddies is none other than Milton FREAKING Friedman. If the neo cons every replaced God with anyone sometime down the road it would be Milton FREAKING Friedman. Milt wrote the foreword to Gratzer’s book The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care. Nice title. It was put out by

Encounter Books. Google that. This took me all of 60 seconds to find out all this by the way. Google Encounter and you find:

Encounter Books is an American conservative book publisher. It is an activity of Encounter for Culture and Education, Inc.

Encounter Books publishes serious non-fiction books, with a scholarly leaning, in the areas of history, religion, biography, education, public policy, current affairs, social sciences, and politics.

Ah, the Conservative infrastructure is alive and well. See what I mean? Everyone slants.

Hmm…I never knew that Friedman’s middle name was FREAKING!

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