[July 7, 2007 @ 7:45 pm] David Catron

Sally Pipes appears in Michael Moore’s health care schlockumentary and she takes exception to its flattering portrayal of Canadian health care:

Moore put me, fleetingly, into “Sicko” as an example of an American who doesn’t understand the Canadian health care system. He couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve personally endured the creeping disaster of Canadian health care.

Pipes’ personal experience involved negotiating the bureaucratic shoals of Canada’s health care system on behalf of her mother:

She was too old, and too sick, to merit the highest quality care in the government’s eyes – I can honestly say that Moore’s preferred health care system is something I wouldn’t wish on him.

But there isn’t any danger of Moore experiencing such a system. He has the financial resources to avoid state-run health care. But, if he has his way, the rest of us will face what Pipes’ mother experienced:

A dehumanizing system of triage, where the weak and the elderly are hastened to their fates by actuarial calculation.

Think about this the next time someone tells you that we need a health care system like the one endured by our neighbors to the north.

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