[July 3, 2007 @ 7:24 am] Stuart Browning

Here’s left-wing healthcare pundit Ezra Klein in an email message to me concerning my movies on Canadian health care:

Ah, argument by anecdote, the last refuge of the scoundrel. […] America has no shortage of terrible tales of maltreatment, deprivation, and wrongful death, but I’m not going to dip into that pond as I try to not enlist other’s misfortunes as pawns in my argument.

And here he is commenting about the anecdotal stories in Michael Moore’s Sicko:

Every story, every tale, every vignette asks the same question: “Who are we?” Who are we that our fellow citizens have to decide which fingers they’ll pay to get reattached? Who are we that our hospitals push the ill and indigent into cabs, and drop them off, disoriented and clad in a paper-thin gown, on skid row?

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