[June 29, 2007 @ 2:40 pm] David Catron

Every time I think the coverage of SiCKO by the establishment media can’t get any more clueless, some “journalist” proves me wrong. This time, my illusions were shattered by Clarence Page’s fawning review:

Moore became famous in his past documentary essays for his gonzo on-camera attempts to embarrass the rich, powerful or simply stupid. This time he’s a tad more serious and, I think, more effective.

Yes. The man actually applies the word “serious” to Moore’s schlockumentary. And it gets worse:

Moore offers a glimpse of something that most Americans never see: how easily anyone – including visitors – can access good public health care in Canada and Europe, and how satisfied those country’s citizens are with their systems.

This childlike credulity even extends to Moore’s whitewash of Cuba’s egregious health care system.

I think he makes his argument well … Cuba shows how a remarkably universal system of education and health care can be produced by a country with a lot fewer resources than we have.

This astonishing passage begs the old question I have been asking for years. Are establishment journalists like Page dishonest, dumb, or just plain lazy?

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