[December 9, 2008 @ 4:55 pm] David Catron

Like MacBeth, the Obama administration and its accomplices in Congress know the danger of dawdling. They believe that Hillarycare was killed back in 1993 because the Clintons moved too slowly, allowing time for the opposition to mobilize. This time, as the WSJ points out, Obama’s “health care czar” isn’t about to let that happen:

According to Mr. Daschle, because of the Clintons’ hesitation, “reform opponents succeeded in confusing and even frightening Americans about what change might mean.”

He believes, in other words, that the opponents of government-run health care tricked the public into opposing it. Thus, the project of dramatically increasing the government’s role in health care will remain pretty much the same. Only the tactics will change:

[The Democrats] aren’t about to let history repeat itself. And since the lessons they learned from the HillaryCare fiasco are political, and not substantive, they are already moving full-speed ahead.

The Dems are planning to short-circuit the normal legislative process in order to ram this thing down our throats. And they have a plan that will allow them to do it without a filibuster-proof majority:

Democrats are talking up “budget reconciliation” to pass a health overhaul. This process was created in 1974 and allows legislation dealing with government finances to be whisked through Congress on a simple majority after 20 hours of debate.

They will declare victory against the “enemies of reform” and the “news” media will repeat this BS. Eventually, of course, their “reforms” will crash and burn, just as a very similar intiative has failed in Massachusetts.  Why? Because their plan fails to address the underlying diseases afflicting American health care.

With the grim inevitability of Greek tragedy, costs will skyrocket, access will contract, and quality will decline. The only question involves who they will blame it on. Bush will be gone and they control both houses of Congress. Maybe they’ll blame it on global climate change. Yea, that’s the ticket.

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