[July 6, 2008 @ 2:43 pm] David Catron

I have written here, here, and here about the British government’s cruel policy of refusing to pay for up-to-date cancer drugs because they are “too expensive.”

And what does the government of Perfidious Albion consider worthy of funding? MailOnline provides a chart showing expenses for which Brit taxpayers must reimburse members of Parliament:

David Catron

My personal favorite is the last item: “Rent on one additional home in London or constituency.” That’s right. The British government refuses to pay for cancer drugs for dying patients, but it pays for the second homes of MPs.

This is what happens when government officials decide how to allocate health care resources. They always put political or personal considerations ahead of the patients. Always.

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  1. Glen Litsinger Says:

    I just came across this website thanks to a post in the Lew Rockwell blog. You are filling a gap that was in urgent need of filling, i.e. the free market response to the crazy socialist healthcare plans. Thank you, and please tell me how I can help.

    My wife and I have a small business devoted to helping independent practitioners maintain private healthcare services in the face of the relentless drive to socialize medicine in the U.S. We are all too familiar with the threats that government poses to the private practice of medicine. We are here to help in any way we can.

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