[January 25, 2008 @ 5:15 pm] David Catron

Cheap, government-subsidized health insurance is popular. Who woulda thunk it? Apparently not the geniuses who govern the state of Massachusetts. The Boston Globe reports the following:

Spending on the state’s landmark health insurance initiative would rise by more than $400 million next year … The biggest driver of the cost increase is projected growth in the number of people signing up for state-subsidized insurance, which now far exceeds earlier estimates.

That’s right. The state’s “leaders” created strong financial incentives to sign up, and then were apparently surprised that a lot of people responded:

Officials had projected that about 140,000 would enroll in the new state-financed insurance plan … But by the end of last month, 169,000 people had signed up …  and the state is now estimating enrollment will reach 225,000 by June 2009.

This does not, however, mean that Massachusetts has reached its ostensible goal of ”universal coverage.” Ignoring the possibilty that they may be fined, a large percentage of the Bay State’s uninsured population have chosen to remain uninsured. 

And it is probable that, like a similarly misguided program in Maine, “Commonwealth Care” is causing significant crowd-out of private coverage. In other words, it is highly likely that many of the people signing up were probably already insured.

And who do you suppose is going to pay the bill for all this idiocy?

State and federal taxpayers are expected to bear nearly all of the additional cost.

Did you notice the phrase “and federal taxpayers”? It’s not enough that the taxpayers of Massachusetts have to finance this mess. Those of us with better sense than to live in that state will have to pony up our money as well.

Why am I paying for an unsuccessful program that I don’t support concocted by politicians I never had a chance to vote against?  


  1. This is why I’m not voting for Romney | MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Says:

    […] And who do you suppose is going to pay the bill for all this idiocy? State and federal taxpayers are expected to bear nearly all of the additional cost. […]

  2. Peter Says:

    While I am very much opposed to the Massachusetts law requiring everyone to have health insurance, you have some errors and misunderstandings in your article. The insurance partnership, which is what is being referred to in article you referenced is only for those who previously did not have coverage. People who were already insured are not elligible.

    There is no cheap state-sponsored health insurance under this plan. They just help employers with the cost. Health insurance is prohibitively expensive in MA, with a real policy such as BC/BS plans people generally had 15-20 years ago costing in the $1500-2000 range PER MONTH!

    People in MA are not chosing to forego health insurance as they just cannot afford it, period. There was a $40 BILLION dollar deficit in this scheme when the taxocrats passed it and Slick Romney signed it.

  3. W Horter Says:

    This was simply a gift to the Isurance Companies. That’s what “mandates” are all about.

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