[December 22, 2007 @ 8:45 pm] David Catron

Anxious to retain her image as America’s preeminent health care crusader, Hillary Clinton has stepped up her phony attacks on ”big insurance.” The Chicago Sun Times provides this quote:

“We’re going to tell the insurance companies that they’re going to have to change the way they do business,” Clinton said. “You know, we regulate banks. We regulate utilities. Well, we’re going to regulate the insurance companies.”

The only problem with this pose is that Mrs. Clinton continues to be a top recipient of campaign contributions from the insurance industry. In fact, only one Senator has received more money from that august fraternity than Her Majesty.

Why? Because Hillary has made a Faustian bargain with them. In order to prevent “Harry and Louise” from derailing her presidential run, she has designed her health care “reform” plan so that the insurance industry has a prominent a seat at the table.

This feature of the plan has not been well received by hard core advocates of government-run health care.  Prominent single-payer advocate Rose Ann DeMoro to describes Hillary’s plan as follows:

A proposal that will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in additional profits for the insurance giants. It’s probably not a coincidence that she is also the top recipient of healthcare sector contributions to her presidential campaign.

In other words, Hillary wants to be President so badly that she has sold out to the infamous greedheads of the “health care industrial complex.” Thus, her crusade against the insurance industry is just another Clinton fraud.


  1. John Karavas Says:

    The only other problem w/ the statement is that the insurance business is already highly regulated. I don’t think there is one product or one rate out there that has not been submitted to a state where the product is to be sold, for scrutiny and approval.

  2. joan fuchs Says:

    ater watching the video, on candian health care, i would like to tell you a short story about health care in the united states,
    My husband injured his back at work, not a minor injury, i wont go into details , all tho i can tell you how ater 15 months of fighting with the system, he finally got a operation, that should have been done imediatly, The oporation was not sucsesful, and for the rest of his life will be on pain medication, muscle relaxer, and nerve medication, you see the nerves were all ready beyond repair due to the in fighting with 15 doctors, even a shrink, and the powers that be.
    So i dont think the united states, is any better than canada, maybe Michel Moore was right, watch his video, than tell my husband what country is right, cause i sure am at a loss. thank you.

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