[December 11, 2007 @ 6:36 pm] David Catron

Did you think you were safe from the whims of CMS apparatchiks simply because you’re not a geezer yet? Think again.

Because Medicare bureaucrats have, in their infinite wisdom, decreed a reimbursement rate that barely covers half the cost of certain cancer drugs, many private patients will probably be denied life-saving treatment:

New Medicare rules for this class of radioimmunotherapy cancer drugs may bar thousands of lymphoma patients from receiving the treatment.

How does this affect private patients?

Federal law mandates that a hospital which doesn’t offer a drug to Medicare patients cannot offer it to patients with private insurance either.

Thus, since hospitals can’t afford to take a 50% loss on each Medicare patient receiving the treatment, they are effectively barred from offering it to anyone.

So, you could be a 40-year-old with gold-plated private insurance and still be subject to a death sentence handed down by some faceless Medicare bureaucrat.

This is government health care.  Think about it.

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