[November 21, 2007 @ 2:50 pm] David Catron

I have commented before on the determination of “universal health care” advocates to promote their agenda even if it means ignoring the voters and their elected representatives. One could hardly ask for clearer a demonstration of this arrogance than the recent actions of Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois.

At issue is the expansion of an Illinois program financed by federal SCHIP funds. Ignoring the intended purpose of these funds (i.e. to cover low-income children), Blagojevich wants to divert the money to adult coverage. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Blagojevich said Monday he’s going ahead with plans to add about 147,000 parents and caretakers to the Family Care insurance program, despite lawmakers’ objections.

Apparently unaware of constitutional limitations on his office, Blagojevich believes that the Illinois governorship confers dictatorial powers:

“I’m going to continue to do what I think is right, and that’s one of the good things about being governor,” Blagojevich said at a news conference in Chicago. ”You can do things like this.”

Understandably, members of the state legislature are not amused by the governor’s delusions of grandeur:

Lawmakers insist he doesn’t have the authority to spend money on programs and services not approved by the Legislature.

State Senator Brad Burzynski expressed his frustration as follows:

I’m thoroughly amazed by his attitude and his agency’s. Never have I seen anything like this from any administration.”

But Mr. Burzynski is destined to see more of such behavior. The advocates of socialized medicine don’t care about the democratic process. They are determined to force their agenda on the country, and they regard legal and constitutional limitations as mere inconveniences.

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