[November 12, 2007 @ 11:26 pm] David Catron

Even the LA Times is getting heartburn over Hillary Clinton’s’s refusal to release records and memoranda relating to her health care task force:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton presents herself as the candidate best able to give the nation better healthcare at lower prices, thanks in part to the searing experience she gained in trying to overhaul the healthcare system during her husband’s presidency … But a big part of that history is being concealed. Hundreds of pages of memos and correspondence involving the healthcare plan of the early 1990s have been withheld.

Hillary has responded to increasing pressure by telling a series of hopelessly implausible whoppers to the effect that she has no power to release the paperwork. But many are skeptical, including former Democrat senator Bob Kerrey:

If these documents were negative to [Clinton campaign rivals] Barack Obama, John Edwards or Rudy Giuliani, they would be out yesterday.

Hillary wants to be President. Shouldn’t we get a look behind the curtain to see how skillfully she manages the wheels and gears of executive power?

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  1. adele roberson Says:

    I read everything I could for the last hour and a half…
    As I suspected… another political scam with people who have their own agenda. Republicans at work!
    Jeez.. you cannot believe anything you read on the internet these days.
    Politics, Politics and more Politics.

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