[October 30, 2007 @ 4:22 pm] David Catron

One of the supreme ironies of the current health care debate is that most of those who demand “universal health care” on moral grounds look to Hillary Clinton as their standard bearer. This video highlights yet another sordid chapter in her tawdry political tale.

Hillary’s supporters have tried to dismiss this because Peter Paul is of “imperfect honesty” himself. What they never explain is how an honest person could have such a well-documented 25-year history of shady dealings with people like Paul, Norman Hsu, and countless others like them.

For nearly three millennia, moral philosophers—not least among them Socrates and Kant—have told us that it is impossible for a personally corrupt individual to preside over an honorable polity. These were not stupid people.

Perhaps this is why the “health care industrial complex” so often lambasted by the advocates of “universal health care” is investing so much money in her campaign.


  1. cartesian Says:

    Let’s ask about YOUR honesty shall we? Why do you lie about your funding? Why do you say this:

    “No funding has been received by the principals of Free Market Cure from the health insurance industry or the health care industry for the production of this website or for the production of the films featured here.”

    … when you are in fact funded by what you call “a generous grant” from the “Moving Picture Institute” – a right wing political film foundation which collects contributions from “individuals, foundations, and corporations” but “does not disclose the names of contributors.”?

  2. Stuart Browning Says:

    You seem to have overlooked the rest of the disclaimer on the About page:

    Design, development and press relations for this website have been funded by a generous grant from the Moving Picture Institute.

    The movies on this site were made and funded 100% by the myself – filmmaker – with no outside funding from any source. It seems that no amount of transparency is enough for the conspiracy-mongers on the health care-left.

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