[October 4, 2007 @ 10:19 pm] David Catron

House Democrats claim that their primary motivation in the SCHIP controversy is the health of “the kids.” If this were true, they would have allowed yesterday’s veto override vote to go forward and then sought some accommodation with the President.

Instead, they introduced a motion to postpone the vote so they could use the next two weeks to demagogue the issue. The Republicans got wind of this skulduggery early in the day and Rep. Roy Blunt issued a Whip LD Alert urging a NO vote on the Democrat motion: 

We expect the Democrats to offer and debate a Motion to Postpone the SCHIP Veto Override …  Although Democrats have not told us directly why they want to delay the Veto Override for two weeks, comments made in the press by their leaders suggest their purpose is purely political.

The Democrats claim they want to use the interval to “persuade” dissenting lawmakers to change their votes. They know, however, that they’ll never get the 15 votes they need. So, the only plausible explanation for the delay involves giving them time to manufacture an election year issue.

That is, of course, why they sent the bill to the President when he had already promised to veto it. The Democrats are more interested in political games than in producing a workable bill. Meanwhile, as Nancy Pelosi might put it, the kids are waiting.

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