[September 1, 2007 @ 9:46 pm] David Catron

In a column characterized by a fierce competition between sanctimony and sophistry, Bob Herbert inadvertently gives his readers a glimpse of the truth about SCHIP. He solemnly advises that President Bush’s opposition to that program’s expansion is driven by a “cruel” ideology …

… that views CHIP, correctly, as yet another important step on the road to universal health care.

Herbert must have misplaced his talking points. The party line, typified by Paul Krugman’s recent brayings, is that people who claim SCHIP is about the gradual imposition of ”universal health care” are paranoid wingnuts.

Apparently unable to comprehend the implications of this passage, the denizens of the wackosphere have blithely reproduced Herbert’s piece as if it supports their claim that SCHIP is about “the children.”

Meanwhile, the usual suspects are using the latest Census Bureau report on the uninsured as further justification to expand SCHIP. I guess it’s just too much work for any of these people to look at the actual facts about SCHIP and the uninsured.

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