[August 8, 2007 @ 4:41 pm] David Catron

According to the New York Post, Hillary Clinton will soon be playing nurse for the cameras:

She will work a shift as a nurse at a Las Vegas hospital next week, it was disclosed yesterday … The high-profile event is part of the Service Employees International Union’s “Walk a day in my shoes program.”

Although the mental image of Hillary emptying bed pans provides something of a frisson, the more ominous aspect of this story is her partnership with the SEIU. The union’s president, Andy Stern, is a vocal supporter of the kind of “universal” health care that Clinton wants to foist on the country.

Now, why would the SEIU be so supportive of Hillary and socialized medicine? Here’s a hint: the majority of the SEIU’s members are employed in health care or in government. So, regardless of which version of “universal” health care Hillary and her congressional accomplices impose on the country, the SEIU wins.

If we wind up with straight socialized medicine, the number of government employees will increase dramatically, providing more potential members. And, if we get a “single-payer” system, the legislation will almost certainly include some sort of financial “incentive” for hospitals to become unionized.

Next week, when the headlines are full of Nurse Hillary and the SEIU, think long and hard about this.

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