[August 2, 2007 @ 4:17 pm] David Catron

As if to confirm a widespread suspicion that the establishment media coordinate closely with the Democratic National Committee, America’s “news” organizations are speaking with one voice on the health care strategy outlined by Rudolph Giuliani.

The party line, it would appear, is that Rudy’s strategy should be dismissed because it is similar to that which President Bush outlined in January and is, therefore, not a serious plan. The word went out from the DNC as follows: 

Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Karen Finney said, “the Giuliani-Bush health care plan has already been rejected by the American people.

It wasn’t long before the party line was being parroted by most of the major “news” organizations. The Washington Post, for example, produced this

Health-care experts said the plan resembles a proposal from President Bush in his State of the Union speech this year. 

Newsday was also in strict compliance with the approved DNC talking points on Rudycare: 

Rudy Giuliani leapt into the health care debate yesterday with a plan like one … President George W. Bush floated earlier this year without success. 

The Myrmidons at the Los Angeles Times also chimed in with its version of the party line. 

The idea is very similar to one President Bush has pushed — to absolutely no avail in Congress. 

Even Jonathan Cohn at TNR, usually not so transparently partisan, obediently repeated the official propaganda: 

Giuliani’s general approach to reform-which, from the looks of it, is closely modeled on an idea President Bush proposed in January of this year. 

Ironically, Mark Santora at the NYT failed to read the memo. Predictably, he has been taken to task by the usual suspects for his failure to parrot the proper talking points. I predict that he will soon be delivering pizzas for a living.

The consistency (and rapidity) with which the media have repeated DNC talking points on his health care strategy suggests that they are worried about “Hizzoner.” They are evidently looking forward to a new Clinton era, and apparently have no intention of providing honest reporting on anything he proposes.

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