[August 1, 2007 @ 9:09 am] David Catron

Michael Franc of the Heritage Foundation points out that the SCHIP legislation now being debated in Congress bears an uncanny resemblance to a fallback strategy outlined by Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated health care task force:

“Under this approach,” the task force authors explained, “health care reform is phased in by population [group],” beginning with “the most vulnerable of our citizens — children.” Kids First, they admitted, “is really a precursor to the new [universal] system” under which states would receive “broad flexibility in its design so that it can be easily folded into … future program structures.”

Sound familiar? It should. This is precisely what is being proposed in the SCHIP reauthorization bills now being debated in Congress:

Following the script outlined in the task force memo, liberal lawmakers now want to expand SCHIP to “new populations” by increasing eligibility for this welfare-style benefit to children (including “slackers” up to age 24) in households with incomes as high as 400% of the federal poverty level.

So, anyone under the impression that the resounding defeat of Hillarycare in 1994 marked the end of Mrs. Clinton’s efforts to foist government-run health care on the country should think again.

Hillary and her accomplices are determined that you WILL take your socialized medicine, and SCHIP is their latest effort to accomplish that goal.

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