[July 23, 2007 @ 12:48 pm] Stuart Browning

Somehow, Michael Moore overlooked this:

Canada, once considered the bedrock of national health care systems, is in the beginning stages of change toward free-market health insurance.


For the first time, private health care clinics are proliferating throughout Canada and arguments for allowing private physicians to practice freely are being heard.

“You are seeing the Medicare orthodoxy of the last 30 years being questioned in Canada,” said Dr. David Gratzer, a registered physician in Canada and the U.S., and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a nonprofit public-policy think tank. “Over the last two years, the health care system has dramatically changed to allow more private health care.”

The Supreme Court of Canada, widely viewed as among the most liberal in the world, nearly two years ago allowed a man in Quebec to buy health care on his own – striking down 30 years of precedent and giving advocates for private health care a major victory.

The case is known as the Chaoulli decision, after Dr. Jacques Chaoulli, who took action against the system after a patient was forced to wait nearly one year for a hip replacement.

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  1. Allen Dunn Says:

    Please all at least thumb thru Milton Freedmans “Free to Choose”. The Market economy always provides the best product or service. Medical services are no different and the U.S. is number one in creating new products and procedures because of our somewhat free market. Our high costs are generated mostly by the blank checks provided from third party payers; employers’ insurance and medicare/medicaid, which discourges competition. “Universal” health services from government will require strict control of prices which will decrease service availability causing rationing, which is the worst outcome for our health care. Charity can provide for the needy, and with lower health insurance costs, we can all affort to provide more charity.

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