[July 20, 2007 @ 11:33 am] David Catron

Among Michael Moore’s many contemptible characteristics is his willingness to capitalize on the misery of ordinary people. His disgraceful exploitation of Lila Limbscomb in Fahrenheit 9-11 is probably the most egregious example, but his shameless use of three 9-11 responders in SiCKO was nearly as bad.

The one redeeming feature of Moore’s Cuban odyssey was that Regina Cervantes, et al got reasonably decent care. Ironically, it was far better than the care most native Cubans receive in Castro’s dilapidated health care system. Even Reuters, which has consistently abetted Moore in his fraudulent depiction of Cuban health care, has been forced to admit the following:

The hospital where SiCKO’s patients were treated is an exception in Cuba, where patients of many other hospitals complain they have to take their own sheets and food.

Indeed, the hospital in which the three responders were treated is a luxury hotel compared to the hog pens in which most Cubans receive their health care.

The 9/11 responders spent 10 days on the 19th floor of Cuba’s flagship hospital with a view of the Caribbean sea, a sharp contrast to many Cuban hospitals that are crumbling, badly lit, and which lack equipment and medicines.

Predictably, Reuters compensated for this uncharacteristically honest reporting by parroting the usual Lefty canards about the “accomplishments” of Cuban health care, but it was a half-hearted effort. Even those useful idiots can see that a massive fraud has been perpetrated by Moore.


  1. Marc Brown Says:

    The achievements of the Cuban healthcare system are remarkable given how poor the country is and the effects of the US embargo. Cuba has health indicators as good as the US and a much higher doctor-patient ratio than countries such as the UK. Do all its hopsitals look like Sloane Kettering? No – but neither do many European hospitals.

  2. Kevin Says:

    “Do all its hopsitals look like Sloane Kettering? No – but neither do many European hospitals.”

    And do you know why? Because many of those European countries practice socialized medicine.

    The US embargo is a canard as well. No other country in the entire world has an embargo against, or is prevented from trading with Cuba.

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