[July 16, 2007 @ 11:15 am] David Catron

Hey, dude, I’m tired of being a mere minion of the “health care industrial complex.” I want to be a suave CIA type like Stuart. I mean, I can go without socks too. I get tired of washing them anyway.


  1. jay furman Says:

    Thanks for the balanced point of view Stuart. Waiting for MRI,s is a flashpoint many Americans can understand.
    Had an MRI a few years ago for a troubled knee situation. Waiting time from inquiry to subterannean immersion; one week, Touche!
    Put another way, look at some Big Superstores that have 24 checkouts and only staff 6 or 7, the waiting lines..challenging; glad it’s not a Triage line….
    Keep up the good work.
    We can only hope to find more affordable healthcare in the US.
    Last quote for a small business entrepreneur class family health care was about $1200 A MONTH as of June 07.
    I pay $100 a month and my employer $350 to $500 for my family plan…short wait time for most visits of up to a week.
    Good Luck,
    Some of us hot blooded running dogs of asphalt roads and tree lined footpaths cannot stand buttoned up to the femoral area, ties after all slow bloodflow to the brain, don’t you know?
    On call, jay in wisconsin

  2. Kevin Says:

    Our health care system clearly has problems, but the solution isn’t more government alas’ Mikey Moore’s fantasy, it’s less.

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