[July 16, 2007 @ 10:38 am] Stuart Browning

Rather than quibbling with Michael Moore’s omission of Cuba’s position relative to the U.S. on a World Health Organization (WHO) international health care system ranking report, CNN should have called into question the use of that biased report itself.

The WHO report doesn’t just rank health care systems according to how well they cure you when you’re sick. Indeed, 25% of the WHO report’s scoring is based on the “fairness” of a country’s health care financing as measured by how redistributionist – socialist – it is.

The result is an absurd report that ranks the medical system of Morocco as superior to that the U.S. But it’s good enough for Michael Moore!

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  1. Brian T. Schwartz Says:

    Tim Worstall wrote a good article at TCS Daily analyzing how WHO ranks health care systems here:
    “The Mismeasure of Managing Health Care”

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