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The Coming Death of Private Health Insurance
August 5, 2009 – Stuart Browning

What is being sold in Washington, D.C. as “insurance reform” by Obama and the Democrats is actually a plan to strangle the insurance industry and force Americans into single-payer medicine.

If legislation is passed that looks anything like the currently proposed bills before Congress, insurance companies will be forced to take all applicants for policies that include thousands of mandated benefits possibly including things like abortion, marriage counseling or in vitro fertilization. Insurance companies will either exit the business or raise premiums and co-pays to survive. Private insurance will become increasingly expensive and unaffordable for Americans who will now be forced to buy it.

Inevitably, the government will subsidize insurance policies for millions of Americans priced out of the market. However, since no government can provide all the free health care that people want, it will be forced to begin the rationing of medicine to prevent national bankruptcy.

Some Democrats in Congress have been honest about this. Last week, Barney Frank said “I think, if we get a good public option it could lead to single-payer – and that’s the best way to reach single-payer.” (see the video here)

Obama, however, has not been forthright and has continued to engage in the same dishonest sophistry that fooled enough Americans to get him elected. For the same reason that we should not believe him when he says he belonged to Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s congregation for 15 years – yet never heard any of his fanatical anti-American and anti-white rhetoric – we should not believe him now when he says that the proposed insurance reform is not intended to lead to government-run health care. In fact, he is on record as an Illinois congressman saying that he supported a “single-payer” health care system.

True insurance reform would actually mean “government reform”. It would get the government out of the business of heavily regulating health insurance. It would allow insurance to be bought and sold across state lines. It would allow individuals to purchase policies and reap the same tax advantages as insurance purchased through an employer so that individuals could have permanent, portable policies. True insurance reform would prohibit government from mandating silly benefits that no one would want to buy – but are currently forced to – such as drug and alcohol counseling.

Unfortunately, Obama and Congress are proposing that we go in the exact opposite direction. They are ideologically unable to see that nearly all the problems in the US health care system have either been caused or made worse by government intervention.

Like a drunk trying to sober up by having another drink, they offer more of the same poison.